sAPI (or system API) is a powerful interface that allows clients to connect to the TCore platform. All requests, both internal and external, are sent to it. It provides an endpoint for each component of the TCore, allowing developers to easily communicate with Asgard, Doctor and even send events between TCore based applications (Currently in development).


There’s a number of components that make up the sAPI, but they can be narrowed down to the 5 main ones; faker, handleGET, handlePOST, task, responseBuilder:

  • Faker is a data manipulation helper that converts a request to the appropriate format for each component to be processed.
  • handleGET and handlePOST do exactly what the name indicated, they are responsible for choosing the appropriate component for a request based on the HTTP method.
  • Task is the component that was chosen by the method handlers, it will take the request body’s data and run a task.
  • responseBuilder is responsible for converting the output of aforementioned task into a TCore compliant format, this allows the developers to handle sAPI responses dynamically.