TCore is a "virtual platform" that allows a developer to focus on their app instead of worrying about the infrastructure. It is an open platform, which allows developers to add or extend functionality using a "cog". It provides an environment to run app back-ends and services making it a versatile solution for developers and businesses. With TCore, developers can easily and quickly create and deploy decentralized backends while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

TCore is made up of the following components

  • Asgard: Asgard is a component of TCore which is responsible for loading and executing all the cogs, ensuring smooth and seamless operation of the TCore platform
  • sAPI: sAPI (or system API) is a powerful interface that allows clients to connect to the TCore platform
  • Mobile app: A user-friendly application designed to provide access to the platforms statistics and settings on mobile devices. The mobile app comes bundled with Asgard and sAPI.
  • Cogs: Cogs are python scripts developed by developers which add or extend functionality in TCore. These are akin to plugins. The previous 3 components are part of TCore itself, Cogs however are made by developers.

Why we made TCore?

The goal behind TCore was simple, to provide secure backend infrastructure to developers, and to give more control to the consumers on what runs on their device. TCore is similar to a SaaS platform, however it is hosted directly on the devices of end users. This leads to increased performance, while giving the end user the opportunity to be in control of their data.