TCore can be installed in two ways:

  • TCore Mobile Edition is a portable version of TCore. This can be installed on any Android phone. To install it, download the apk file from our website or directly download it by clicking on this link: Download app.
You need to enable sideloading on your android phone to be able to install the Mobile Edition
  • TCore Server Edition is a desktop version of TCore. This is designed for developers to easily access TCore features while developing apps. It can be installed on Linux, MacOS and Windows using Docker
Install docker using the official resources, provided at
If you already have TCore and want to update, pleas refer to this guide: Updating

Get the latest docker image for TCore from Docker hub: TCore docker image

docker pull huski3/tli-bundle:latest
docker pull huski3/tli-bundle:stable
# get <commit> from gitdocker pull huski3/tli-bundle:indev-<commit>

Post install

Testing the installation

Now that we have TCore downloaded, lets get started by creating a new container

docker run -p 8080:8080 --name tli -d huski3/tli-bundle:latest start

Here we create our container named tli

Running the above command will launch the sAPI. We can test if the container is running by going to

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