Getting started

This guide is dedicated to setting up the TecSDK and developing your first application on it!

This current Guide is a WIP. This means it will change as new changes are released. Please make sure that the version of the guide matches the versions installed on your system

  • AsgardCogs ≥ 0.0.4
  • TCore ≥ 71371c4

Understanding the components and their uses

  1. TCore - The central platform we are developing for. This is a “virtual platform”, analogous to how the Java virtual machine allows apps to run cross-platform, the TCore provides a virtual environment to run app back-ends, services, networks etc.
  2. TCore SDK - A collection of all the utilities required to develop on the TCore platform.
  3. Asgard - A component of TCore that loads and executes all the cogs.

Tools for developers

We have a VS Code extension which you can download and use for cog development. As of the latest version (0.0.4), it is only compatible with macos and Linux, so for windows users we recommend setting it up inside of WSL. More info here

More info on the development setup: Cog Development

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